Do You Really Need to Rent a Dumpster

Many people are unsure as to whether they require a dumpster or not.

Even though dumpster rentals are not cheap, yet they are hassle-free and tend to be very helpful when you are renovating your house or your business space. You do produce a lot of waste every day and if you feel like your space generates a lot of waste which might not be contained in a regular sized bin, then you should maybe consider renting a dumpster.

Factors to Consider Before Renting a Dumpster

There are a few factors that you need to think bout before you rent a dumpster. The important considerations are:

  • Location
  • Type of waste
  • Size
  • State or municipal requirements
  • Segregation options

The size of your dumpster is an important consideration because dumpsters come in different sizes and you should rent one that either fits in the alley next to your shop or your house driveway. You should also consider the manner in which you want to sort your waste.

While some dumpsters have built-in segregation, others are open containers wherein you can use your own plastic containers to segregate. Consider the type of waste that you want to dispose off. For instance, dry waste has to be segregated from wet waste. Respective State rules in Missouri regarding waste segregation that limit the usage of the dumpster also needs to be considered. For instance, dumpster regulations in some cities require that you obtain a permit before placing your rented dumpster on a public alley.

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Determining the Size of the Dumpster

Consider the size of the dumpster before renting one. Our company offers roll-off containers of various sizes that are suitable for different types of construction projects. The size of the dumpster depends on the amount of waste that you will be generating.

For instance, if you generate 30 yards of trash, you will need a dumpster that is roughly around 30 ft x8 ft x 6 ft high. If you are unsure about the amount of waste that you will create, ask our support staff to recommend a correct size of the dumpster, while keeping the waste amount in mind. The rental costs depend upon the size of the dumpster. Thus, you need to be sure about the size of the dumpster so as to pay the proper costs, and so that you do not have to pay excess or add-on charges.

How to Choose a Dumpster Rental Company

There are many suitable options for renting a dumpster in St. Louis. However, not all rental companies work the same way. In fact, some dumpster rental companies do not even offer services like transporting the dumpster to your home or business space, as per your convenience.

Others sometimes cost too much or charge hidden fees. So you might want to consider a few factors before renting a dumpster. These are: the years of service that the rental service has been in, positive feedback about the company from past clients, reliable customer service network of the company, reasonable costs, transportation services to the client’s home or business location, different sizes of garbage receptacles for rent, allowed contents of garbage, hidden or add-on fees, weight limits of the garbage and so on.

Make sure that you choose a well-known and reputed dumpster rental service from your area like ourselves, which is regarded highly by past clients so that you do not end up an getting unsatisfactory service. Make sure that the company you choose offers reliable round the clock customer service by email, phone or instant messaging.

Make sure that the dumpster rental company offers transportation facilities to your home, construction area, or shop, but watch out for extra fees like fuel costs, environmental fees and delivery charges. Make sure that the dumpster company that you choose offers you a flat rate. Also make sure that you are compliant with the weight limits when the company specifies the weight limit and that you do not end up paying extra charges for any excess weight.

Trust us, a dumpster rental company that is efficient and reliable is indispensable for your renovation or construction projects. Fortunately, St. Louis Dumpster Rental Solutions provides reliable services to the entire St Louis metro area at reasonable rates and within your deadlines. You should do your homework by gathering information on the best rental packages and then consider the above mentioned factors to avoid paying hidden fees, extra costs or add-on charges for disposing off excess waste through a dumpster.

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