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Welcome to St. Louis Dumpster Rental Solutions – the top dumpster rental service provider from O’Fallon, Missouri.

We offer reliable and safe dumpster rental services to all the residents of St Louis and the nearby cities at an affordable cost. We are always providing the best possbile service to our customers, so that your waste disposal is a no hassle job for you. We will go the extra mile to make sure everyone is pleased with the quality of our junk removal services.

We aim to provide affordable, trustworthy and useful dumpster rental services in and around O’Fallon. Our services are available if you are a homeowner or a tenant, a business manager and a contractor, both on a temporary or permanent basis.

our dumpster truck

We make it simple to rent a dumpster

One task that can become quite annoying when you own or rent a home or if you run a business, is to keep the place clean and garbage free.

This can be quite a problematic process, especially if you are making renovations or adding a swimming pool in your garden. Even when you mow your own lawn or rake dried leaves during the autumn season, waste materials will accumulate fast. Clearly the simplest and most cost-efficient method to get rid of all this trash is with a large dumpster. And if you do not have one of these, you can easily rent one with us!

But this does not have to be complicated. Call us today at 314-207-3403 and one of our attentive staff will be there to answer all your questions. After your conversation there will be no more concern or issue left unanswered, and all will be clear.

Why would you need a dumpster?

For a home remodeling or a construction project

People do not always realize how much waste will be generated from remodeling your home, but we quantity of debris will build up fast. First from the parts you are removing, then from the new materials you are bringing in, as they will have their packaging and some of it will be left unused and will need to be discarded.

Unless you are ok with multiple trips to clean up the junk mess bits by bits, the option of renting a dumpster can provide an easy solution to discard a large volume of trash all at once. Note that leaving debris around the premisses could cause accidents, so it is better to be safe than sorry by preparing a space where you gather all the wasted itemss. And there is no better place then a dumpser.

For General Cleaning and Waste Removal

Sorting things in your garage, basement, attic, storage rooms and old rooms could lead to finding many unneeded items, depending how often you do it. A grand cleaning such as a Spring cleaning is a great way to free space in your home once in a while.

But when you have not done it for many years, you might end up with a pile of trash and junk that needs to be removed. If you are disposing of bulky items like broken furniture or old mattresses, you will certainly need a dumpster, which is the most efficient way to deal with it.

While Living in a Close-Knit Neighborhood

In some neighborhoods residents are very close to each other. To deal with trash and waste more efficiently, these homeowners can split up the cost by renting a dumpster for a group of households. This is a simple and cheap way to gather all their unwanted items in one place. This will also lower the risk of attracting wild animals that could potentially create more trouble.

You can rent also a dumpster for the following reasons

  • Water or fire damage – collection of debris caused by water or fire accidents
  • Removal of concrete – disposal of concrete from construction work
  • Roofing projects – disposing of waste and unneeded roofing materials
  • Garage and household cleanout – basement, storage, home or Spring cleanout
  • Scrap and wood removal – for larger demolitions of buildings and houses

  • No hassle – no hidden fees – simple contract
  • Serving the O’Fallon area since 2004
  • No wait – fast delivery – fast pickup
  • Customer friendly staff at your service
  • Call us now at 314-207-3403

Dumpster sizes

dumpster sizes

One of the main question you will need to make a decision about is what dumpster size you need, as they come in different sizes, and each size has its own price. It is best to call us at 314-207-3403 so that you we can provide you with all the information needed. But what we will need from you is an estimate of what quantity of waste materials you will need to get removed.

Below are the different sizes we can rent to you.

10-yard dumpster

Dimensions: 12′ long x 8′ wide x 4′ high
This dumpster is perfect for small remodeling projects or medium-sized cleanup projects like a garage cleanout or Spring cleanout. It can contain a few old mattresses and some furniture.

20 Yard Dumpsters

Dimensions: 22′ long x 8′ wide x 4.5′ high

Nearly twice as big as the basic size, it is best for a large basement, attic or garage cleanouts. Or if you are making a major reorganization of your garden.

30 Yard Dumpsters

Dimensions: 22′ long x 8′ wide x 6′ high

Nearly three times as big as the basic size, this dumpster is what you will need if you are doing a construction or demolition project, or if you are adding a swimming pool to your garden.

40 Yard Dumpsters

Dimensions: 22′ long x 8′ wide x 8′ high

The largest of our dumpsters, it can handle a huge quanity of waste debriss from a big house renovation project, indoor remodeling or an enitre roof replacement.

Why do the residents of Missouri love to hire us?

We are a company dedicated to providing the most comprehensive recycling and waste management services available in O’Fallon and the surrounding cities. Exceeding our customers’ expectations is always our top priority. We have the industry knowledge and skills to develop the best client-customer relationship possible. In addition we always offer the highest level of service at the most affordable price you will find.

In short, here is why you should hire us.

  • We are a locally owned and operated company, not a big national operation.
  • We are always fast and reliable.
  • Our services are affordable and flexible to your particular needs.
  • We provide great service for customers who are looking for just a one-time cleanup service or for a long-term one.
  • Give us a call at 314-207-3403 so we can qive you a quote and answer all your questions.
  • We even have after-hours customer service.

  • No hassle – no hidden fees – simple contract
  • Serving the O’Fallon area since 2004
  • No wait – fast delivery – fast pickup
  • Customer friendly staff at your service
  • Call us now at 314-207-3403