St Louis

saint louis
St. Louis is one of the major cities as well as an important port of the United States. It has a rich heritage of architecture and it is evident even in the modern construction pieces.

The tallest monument in the States, The Gateway of Arch is in St.Louis. Let us take a look at the major architectural influences in the city as well as certain real estate facts. But before that, let’s learn a little more about St.Louis as a city.

About St.Louis

  • Before the city was founded in 1764, it was mainly a forest and prairie area maintained by the native Americans. The city still has an enriched flora throughout the cityscape. There are also urbanized coyotes and white-tailed deer that are found in the city.
  • The median household income in St.Louis is around $61.5k.
  • The St.Louis Metropolitan Area is home to ten Fortune 500 companies. Some of these include Centene, Greybar Electric and Express Scripts.
  • Major industries in St.Louis are electrical utilities, telecommunications, biotechnology, chemicals and food and beverage.
  • The city is home to three national universities – University of Missouri-St.Louis, Washington University in St. Louis and Saint Louis University. The Medical School of Washington University in St. Louis ranks among the top ten medical schools in the States.

Architecture in St. Louis

The architecture in St. Louis pans almost all the categories prevalent in the United States. It is influenced by various European, early American, Victorian and modern architectural styles. Some of the distinct architectural types in St. Louis are:
Italianate – This style was inspired by countryside villas of wealthy landlords in Italy, and was popular till the late nineteenth century.
Second Empire – The influence of French culture in St.Louis is evident in its architectural styles as well. It is easy to spot this style because of its prominent elongated windows with curved tops.
Gothic Revival – This style closely resembles the German Gothic architecture. Mostly churches exhibit this kind of architectural style from their long, pointed windows with stained glass and intricate stone tracery.
Tudor Revival – Many residential buildings in St.Louis exhibit this style of architecture till date. Notable features include stone walls, asymmetrically placed chimneys and arch doorways resembling the Gothic.
Gingerbread – This style is unique to St, Louis, and the small yet intricately built houses resemble mini castles. They are touted to exhibit the latest domestic technology and are mostly found in the suburban regions of St.Louis.

Real Estate Trends in St. Louis

  • The median per square foot price in Saint Louis is $123, while the median list price of homes in the city is around $149,900. The median rent price in St. Louis varies from $1000 to $1095.
  • Some of the best neighborhoods in Saint Louis are The Hill, Central West End, City Center, North Hampton, Lindenwood Park, Lafayette Square and Saint Louis Hills.
  • The real estate market in the city is quite balanced and its value has only increased over the last three years.
  • It has a happening rental market as well, with 60% of the downtown residents being renters.
  • The suburban areas of St.Louis are also undergoing redevelopment.
  • St. Louis is one of the best for investing in real estate markets, albeit after a thorough research and some advice from real estate experts.